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Dog Days!

So, since he was a puppy, Leo has been eating some of the better (but not most expensive) dry dog food; I always have checked ingredients to make sure that meat, not meat by-product or a filler was in the top 3 ingredients and corn and gluten free. Blue Buffalo was tried (but sporadically as it was too expensive), but mostly Taste of the Wild as it was the most reasonably priced for something “decent” as far as dry food goes. But having allergy and stomach issues like me, I hated some of the ingredients still included. I wondered daily “WHY am I buying and feeding him something that even I wouldn’t want to put in my body?” Not only that, but he put on 10 pounds in 2014 after he was neutered and even cutting back on his portion size, he could not lose weight.

I finally weighed my options after seeing Fresh Pet in a cooler in the pet section and realized the price comes out the same and the ingredients were only what I would use if I were cooking his food myself. Fresh ingredients, no fillers, no corn. He LOVES the food. When he sees me getting it ready for him, he literally does a doggy “happy dance” and actually ignores his ball (which is his pacifier and can’t be without). Well, I’m not sure just how much weight he has lost, but not only is there a taper to his waist again and looking fitter (and one can tell he feels better), but his collar has been adjusted to a smaller fit (1/2 – 1 inch in from the last notch) and I am still able to get several fingers under it.

Food being aside, I have been paranoid (being the health & organic food advocate that I have become) about chemicals and supplements he has been given over the past 5+ years to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and parasites. He had a horrible reaction to the Trifexis the last couple of times I gave him that about 2 years ago so I refused to give that to him again (especially after researching it…that stuff shouldn’t be on the market). I started using a topical, Advantage Multi, but after a few times, I noticed he definitely was still having reactions to even that for 24 or so hours after applying. 😦 So, more research ensued. I was skeptical of using garlic at first, but after more than a year of reading, researching and talking to people who use garlic for their pets, I bit the bullet and started him on fresh, raw garlic.

Guess what? He has been on it since the first part of January and I’ve only seen and caught one, maybe 2 fleas on the surface of his fur. He still always seems to have issues with environmental allergies and dry, itchy skin. So I broke down and like to have killed myself bathing him a couple of days ago (using the always gentle Castille soap that I use myself) as it is soothing and won’t strip natural oils from his skin and fur and to my amazement, no fleas or flea dirt on him at all! And we have had such warm weather that fleas haven’t exactly been killed off this year! Well, now I’ve added Brewer’s Yeast powder to one of his meals each day (today is the third day) and he FINALLY seems to be feeling better (still a bit of licking and scratching, but compared to how it was, it is much better today).

So the point is this: if your pet food has ingredients in it that you wouldn’t put in your body or your loved one’s bodies, don’t feed it to your dog. When we HUMANS stop consuming packaged processed food and start eating REAL food, weight falls off effortlessly; if your dog or cat is overweight, switching them from packaged processed food to either real fresh food, homemade food or raw food diet will help them shed the weight effortlessly as well. And if labels say (of flea treatments, oral OR topical) to avoid getting on your skin and not to ingest, to call poison control if you do, then WHY would you want to keep pushing it on to your pet? They lived for thousands and thousands of years without that crap. Our ancestors didn’t have to rely on anything but nature to take care of themselves as well as their animals. The only advantage we have today is that we learned that HYGIENE which has made ALL the difference in quality of health.

Do you and your pet a favor: ditch the bags of processed dry dog food and the chemicals to keep fleas under control and give your dog a chance on garlic and Brewer’s Yeast. You will be VERY pleasantly surprised!

Leo my baby

I will leave you with the Book of the Day (well, more like Book of the Week actually). I am reading George Orwell’s “1984” at the moment. I’ve heard people talk about it a lot, especially in the last few months, and know that they made it into a movie a long time ago (I saw that John Hurt had played Winston Smith! Loved John Hurt…great actor!). I’m slightly more than halfway through, but it is a good book. Very interesting and one can draw so many similarities to life as we know it today. This oft repeating quote in the book sounds exactly like many in today’s society:




Reading, Writing & Food

When I picked up a book again back in January, I started in voraciously to say the least. It was near the end of January before I started my first book in quite a number of years. March just started and I’m halfway through book sixteen and it’s a big book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Out of the books I’ve read so far in the Harry Potter series, this one is quite large at 734 pages. The first three were 400 some odd pages. It was very nice to see that the first two Harry Potter movies seemed to have been taken right from the pages of the book and stuck onto film! The Prisoner of Azkaban was close, but had definite deviations. And now I find that The Goblet of Fire has more deviations (which really is understandable seeing as they didn’t want to go beyond 3 hours for a movie) than the first three combined. I’m glad I saw the movies first. I have a good image in my head of the characters! And the book is so much more in depth, detailed and descriptive!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

All this wonderful reading is trying to stoke my creative writing into bloom again. I used to love jotting down poems when I was young. And I did try starting a novel a couple of times, but after reading what I wrote, I tossed it into the trash! But all the reading did help me to conjure up a poem for my son for his birthday card. Wanted to make sure he got something nice since he’s turning 20 while he’s at Army basic training! I know that other eyes will be reading it so I wanted him to know how much I love him, but didn’t want to be mushy. So I sent this:

From the day you were born you brought sunshine and joy,

Smiles, laughter, tears… It ran the gamut

Your quick wit, your charm, and your very being

Always going; could never stay put!

From Phantom of the Opera you would often sing and  play,

You’ve always loved Star Wars, and Batman too.

From playing in The Lion King to Bye Bye, Birdie,

And succeeding in sports, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Your passion for health and helping others as well,

Shows the world just the man that you are:

Kind, considerate, loving, and loyal,

A wonderful man with a very big heart.

Now you’re out in the world on your own,

Starting a career and family… your own home sweet home.

You’re missed so very much and you always will be…

But soon the world will see what I see:

You’re Army Strong!

Yeah, yeah… I’m no professional. I dream, though! The world inside my head is so much nicer than the real world! In my mind, I can do anything I want. I also am not in pain in my dream world. I have a perfectly healthy body that does what I will it to. And I can cook (I can cook, it’s just I can’t stand for an extended period of time to cook like I used to could). And I’m a singer and actress. And my house is in Oregon in the perfect spot where I can see both the Pacific Ocean and Mount Hood. It’s a modest house; not even 2,000 square feet. But it has a great size kitchen with all the appliances just like I like them, a library with a cozy reading nook and a wonderful stereo system with all the music I could ever want to listen to. And curled up with me in that nook is my dog and a cup of coffee. If only that was reality!

BUT, in reality? Though life seems to suck most royally nowadays, it does have its shining moments. Like today. Went to the doctor for a follow up. Last time I went was the beginning of January. So when I got on the scale today, it showed I’m down to 190! That is 11 pounds I’ve lost in 2 months. Considering I can’t get around without the use of a cane and hurts to stay up long, that’s pretty awesome! But as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a necessary diet change has everything to do with it. I can’t say it enough: cutting out processed and refined foods as well as sugar, going gluten free, eating as much fresh, whole organic foods as is possible for you, consuming fresh raw milk and raw dairy and adding at least 2 tablespoons of organic virgin, unrefined coconut oil works magic on your body!

So as I finish out tonight, I’m going to settle for my music, a bite of my Lindor Lindt Excellence chocolate bar and a little Supernatural (my addiction… I love Sam & Dean!). It’s not bad for you and since I’ve been doing it for many months now, I know it’s a wonderful way to satisfy the chocolate craving!

2015-08-30 22.10.53