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Dog Days!

So, since he was a puppy, Leo has been eating some of the better (but not most expensive) dry dog food; I always have checked ingredients to make sure that meat, not meat by-product or a filler was in the top 3 ingredients and corn and gluten free. Blue Buffalo was tried (but sporadically as it was too expensive), but mostly Taste of the Wild as it was the most reasonably priced for something “decent” as far as dry food goes. But having allergy and stomach issues like me, I hated some of the ingredients still included. I wondered daily “WHY am I buying and feeding him something that even I wouldn’t want to put in my body?” Not only that, but he put on 10 pounds in 2014 after he was neutered and even cutting back on his portion size, he could not lose weight.

I finally weighed my options after seeing Fresh Pet in a cooler in the pet section and realized the price comes out the same and the ingredients were only what I would use if I were cooking his food myself. Fresh ingredients, no fillers, no corn. He LOVES the food. When he sees me getting it ready for him, he literally does a doggy “happy dance” and actually ignores his ball (which is his pacifier and can’t be without). Well, I’m not sure just how much weight he has lost, but not only is there a taper to his waist again and looking fitter (and one can tell he feels better), but his collar has been adjusted to a smaller fit (1/2 – 1 inch in from the last notch) and I am still able to get several fingers under it.

Food being aside, I have been paranoid (being the health & organic food advocate that I have become) about chemicals and supplements he has been given over the past 5+ years to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and parasites. He had a horrible reaction to the Trifexis the last couple of times I gave him that about 2 years ago so I refused to give that to him again (especially after researching it…that stuff shouldn’t be on the market). I started using a topical, Advantage Multi, but after a few times, I noticed he definitely was still having reactions to even that for 24 or so hours after applying. ūüė¶ So, more research ensued. I was skeptical of using garlic at first, but after more than a year of reading, researching and talking to people who use garlic for their pets, I bit the bullet and started him on fresh, raw garlic.

Guess what? He has been on it since the first part of January and I’ve only seen and caught one, maybe 2 fleas on the surface of his fur. He still always seems to have issues with environmental allergies and dry, itchy skin. So I broke down and like to have killed myself bathing him a couple of days ago (using the always gentle Castille soap that I use myself) as it is soothing and won’t strip natural oils from his skin and fur and to my amazement, no fleas or flea dirt on him at all! And we have had such warm weather that fleas haven’t exactly been killed off this year! Well, now I’ve added Brewer’s Yeast powder to one of his meals each day (today is the third day) and he FINALLY seems to be feeling better (still a bit of licking and scratching, but compared to how it was, it is much better today).

So the point is this: if your pet food has ingredients in it that you wouldn’t put in your body or your loved one’s bodies, don’t feed it to your dog. When we HUMANS stop consuming packaged processed food and start eating REAL food, weight falls off effortlessly; if your dog or cat is overweight, switching them from packaged processed food to either real fresh food, homemade food or raw food diet will help them shed the weight effortlessly as well. And if labels say (of flea treatments, oral OR topical) to avoid getting on your skin and not to ingest, to call poison control if you do, then WHY would you want to keep pushing it on to your pet? They lived for thousands and thousands of years without that crap. Our ancestors didn’t have to rely on anything but nature to take care of themselves as well as their animals. The only advantage we have today is that we learned that HYGIENE which has made ALL the difference in quality of health.

Do you and your pet a favor: ditch the bags of processed dry dog food and the chemicals to keep fleas under control and give your dog a chance on garlic and Brewer’s Yeast. You will be VERY pleasantly surprised!

Leo my baby

I will leave you with the Book of the Day (well, more like Book of the Week actually). I am reading George Orwell’s “1984” at the moment. I’ve heard people talk about it a lot, especially in the last few months, and know that they made it into a movie a long time ago (I saw that John Hurt had played Winston Smith! Loved John Hurt…great actor!). I’m slightly more than halfway through, but it is a good book. Very interesting and one can draw so many similarities to life as we know it today. This oft repeating quote in the book sounds exactly like many in today’s society:




A Little of This, A Little of That…

I love people! I love food, health and nutrition. And I have this absolute PASSION for reading, researching and finding out all I can about food and nutrition, implementing it to see what works with my autoimmune disease and chronic pain/inflammation, and sharing the information and experiences with others so they, too, can learn to benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Only this post is going to be short because I do tend to get long-winded and keep rambling on and I am tired.¬†ūüėŹ

For those who have been asking “What do you do to keep from getting sick (from foods) again that you have developed allergies to? What do you eat to have lost weight? What are your secrets?” I will be getting into that, but not tonight. I have emailed a couple of you, along with family members, links to the video series¬†The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest¬†the two times I’ve seen it available in the past year to year and a half as well as sharing the links to sign up and watch to Twitter and Facebook. Well, go. GO NOW. That link is good and the 9 episodes are airing again as we speak. It would behoove you to watch them. They are chock FULL of great information! The first two episodes are up at the moment. Episode 1 is¬†The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly. You do know that chemotherapy CAUSES cancer, right? We’ve been being lied to for decades. It’s true. Episode 2 is¬†Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils. These are all MUST SEE videos.

I would stay and say more on these, but my day was long and my night last night was much too short! Not to mention, I lost my wallet in the grocery store, like to have had a heart attack when I couldn’t find it, then go back to the grocery store to discover that it had fallen out of my pants pocket (back pocket…plan on getting a purse now!) and someone had picked it up and turned it in to customer service. Whew! Then I got home, was putting stuff up before dinner, and Leo (my dog) decided to spit up. What?!?!? So there was that and having to clean it up. And of course, my grandson is sick with tonsillitis and a cold.¬†ūüėĘ On the bright side? It’s the end of this not so lucky day! Tomorrow is a new day and it is going to be better, mucho pain or not.

Stay tuned for more…..

Welcome to My Secret Garden!

So I have fallen behind. Life has happened. I meant to post the week of Christmas. Honest. But the holidays were not very kind. I have an aunt, my dad’s older sister, who has been in not so great of health for quite some time and we’ve been prepared for the worst. But Tuesday the 8th of December was not a day any of us were prepared for. As a few know, I live with my parents. And my dad’s only living (and younger) brother came over to visit at least once a week, mostly it had gotten to where he was coming to visit almost every day which we all looked forward to. Especially my sister and me. He was our favorite (only living) uncle. He would bring flowers for birthdays and Mother’s day, give us big bear hugs, and tease us.

So imagine my shock when my mom walks in that afternoon, walks back to my room where I was and tells me “I have some bad news.” ¬†Her expression and the tone in which she said it made me think it was my aunt. But no, it wasn’t. She said “Uncle Donny died this morning.” I’m pretty sure we all know that we don’t live mortal lives forever, that we have souls that leave our bodies eventually, but nothing can ever prepare you for the unexpected death of someone you love so much. My dad took it the hardest. He and his brother had reconnected over the past couple of years and they were closer than they had ever been. He was just 69.

But age means nothing. My uncle¬†had been up early that morning and was out in the garage working under one of his beautiful classic cars. He died down there of a heart attack. It could have been anyone. I’m struggling with health issues long standing and this past year has seen my thyroid disease (autoimmune… Hashimoto’s) freak out over the fact that my body decided it doesn’t need certain hormones anymore. Call me allergic to life now, but that’s okay. At least I’ve lost over 70 pounds thanks to the madness. But just because your thyroid decides to go from hypo to hyper doesn’t mean you get rid of the underactive symptoms: feel cold all the time, no energy, feeling completely drained, hair starts falling out. So between my uncle’s death and my thyroid making me feel downright miserable, I pushed all things to the back burner.

However, I finally talked my doctor’s office into doing more bloodwork than just for the one that they always only check for and was finally prescribed an additional thyroid medicine. I’m finally getting my energy back (can someone make my hair grow back?) and not feeling so weepy and moody. But at least I can read books without getting headaches and falling asleep again! YES! I used to read ALL the time when I was growing up. But after having 3 kids in 2 1/2 years time and raising them while fighting health problems, I had stopped reading. The desire was there, but never could get far in a book without having to put it down from headaches. No more!

I have my middle son to thank for that. He has the same love of reading. He has a number of books (not enough for even a small library yet, but he’s growing it!) and he has been loaning them to me to read. I’m a fan of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thrillers (psychological and supernatural), mysteries, crime, and adventure. The only kind of books I really can’t get into are romance. I read a few of those in college, but it was such a burden to try and get through them!

So now my secret garden has been set free for the first time in over 20 years and it is wonderful! All the magical, wonderful things that you can possibly dream up can happen when you open a book. The real world disappears and you become part of a world unlike anything you can find in real life. And that is magical indeed!

Now to begin on book 7 of The Demonata series by Darren Shan: ¬†Death’s Shadow. It may be considered Young Adult/Horror/Fantasy, but I consider the series pretty darn cool! Check out¬†Online Book Club. And look up¬†Darren Shan¬†and go read his books. These are his books meant for adults as well as young adults. But if you’re looking for something a little bolder, check out his other site,¬†Darren Dash. I’m off to watch Supernatural, again, until I fall asleep.