A Little of This, A Little of That…

I love people! I love food, health and nutrition. And I have this absolute PASSION for reading, researching and finding out all I can about food and nutrition, implementing it to see what works with my autoimmune disease and chronic pain/inflammation, and sharing the information and experiences with others so they, too, can learn to benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Only this post is going to be short because I do tend to get long-winded and keep rambling on and I am tired. 😏

For those who have been asking “What do you do to keep from getting sick (from foods) again that you have developed allergies to? What do you eat to have lost weight? What are your secrets?” I will be getting into that, but not tonight. I have emailed a couple of you, along with family members, links to the video series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest the two times I’ve seen it available in the past year to year and a half as well as sharing the links to sign up and watch to Twitter and Facebook. Well, go. GO NOW. That link is good and the 9 episodes are airing again as we speak. It would behoove you to watch them. They are chock FULL of great information! The first two episodes are up at the moment. Episode 1 is The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly. You do know that chemotherapy CAUSES cancer, right? We’ve been being lied to for decades. It’s true. Episode 2 is Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils. These are all MUST SEE videos.

I would stay and say more on these, but my day was long and my night last night was much too short! Not to mention, I lost my wallet in the grocery store, like to have had a heart attack when I couldn’t find it, then go back to the grocery store to discover that it had fallen out of my pants pocket (back pocket…plan on getting a purse now!) and someone had picked it up and turned it in to customer service. Whew! Then I got home, was putting stuff up before dinner, and Leo (my dog) decided to spit up. What?!?!? So there was that and having to clean it up. And of course, my grandson is sick with tonsillitis and a cold. 😢 On the bright side? It’s the end of this not so lucky day! Tomorrow is a new day and it is going to be better, mucho pain or not.

Stay tuned for more…..


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