Food & Chemical Allergies…Seriously? YES! Here’s Why

There are many of us, and I’m quite guilty of this myself, who over the years looked at those who seemed to be “health nuts” or said they have Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or that their child (children) has ADHD, Autism, or a myriad of other health problems and allergies and thought they were crazy. How could it even be possible? But as we grow up and grow older and if you have always eaten conventional foods, many like donuts and deep fried foods, we start feeling sluggish, start having health problems, and recall what our parents and grandparents have always told us: “Once you hit your 40’s, you start going downhill and after your 60’s, you go downhill at lightening speed!” Why is this?  We laughed at them, but all of a sudden, it’s not funny because it’s US! WHAT??? You mean they weren’t kidding? This blows. Seriously. But why does this happen? And why is it happening at earlier and earlier ages and cancers and diseases are afflicting younger and younger people, including infants, especially things like autism that once were unheard of?

After doing some reading and research and wanting some answers and help for myself (part of my problem IS spinal related and much of it inherited: osteoarthritis of the spine and hips, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease), I have found some articles that are very much worth the read and quite eye-opening. Granted, type 2 diabetes can definitely be controlled with diet, but certain foods will definitely cause a spike in blood sugar that you can feel if you’re in tune with your body even a little bit! However, problems with food sensitivity/intolerance/allergy as well as multiple skin allergies have a lot to do with the world we live in and the toxins we are exposed to in conventional foods (MOST of them, but not all). I am not going to sit here and write it all out, but I am sharing with you links to some reading that everyone should read, especially if you want to regain control of your health and feel better again (and probably shed some weight in the process). I will get around to sharing recipes (and music… I was a music major in my past life and very much love to sing and play the piano as well as occasionally write music) within the next few days as I learn to navigate blogging and how to follow fellow bloggers!

1. Want to know just how toxic pesticides are in just very tiny amounts? Research published by the National Institutes of Health shows that common pesticides are far more toxic than is advertised! Check out this article to see what companies aren’t telling you. It is huge cause for concern!

2. Studies in Europe have brought to light that glyphosate is present in soil, ground water, surface water, air, and people in levels far higher than is allowed (glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide). This PDF is an extended read, but very enlightening.

3. It’s a misleading argument that finding chemicals coming through the urine means that ALL chemicals are coming out completely. Measurements show only what the body can excrete. There is an abundance of evidence that these toxins are being stored in the body as well. It should be of GREAT concern that conventional foods are increasing the toxic load! With all the chemicals floating around modern life, as well as the dramatic increase in pesticide use in the past decade, in particular Roundup (which is by far the worst), it would be ridiculous to think it is just all going through you without doing any harm at all. Roundup is LEGALLY classified as a BIOCIDE (a chemical substance or microorganism which can deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism by chemical or biological means). It works partly by killing bacteria. Unfortunately, you have a LOT of useful bacteria in you that is at risk of getting killed off from exposure to Roundup. This slideshow is great at showing and explaining the lowdown on good bacteria that our guts need and what happens when it is disrupted by bad invaders from what we ingest. I believe in Creationism, so the evolution part towards the end is laughable to me. But this blog post is not about starting a debate on religion. It strictly is to inform so you can make wise decisions in your diet. Anyways, you are putting Roundup in your gut and it kills your intestinal bacteria which is essential for digestion and absorption. Urine samples do not show that effect!

4. Killing your essential bacteria has an effect of letting BAD bacteria thrive in you. HERE, we read how glyphosate suppresses the antagonistic effect of enterococcus spp. on clostridium botulinum. A lot of these pesticides are showing up as carcinogenic, which of course, is an action that doesn’t show up directly in the urine either. In this article here (which takes less than 2 minutes to register for The Lancet for free to have access to full articles and newsletters), it enlightens the readers about a meeting of experts at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC; Lyon, France, March 2015) in assessing the carcinogenicity of the organophosphate pesticides, tetrachlorvinphos, parathion, malathion, diazinon, and glyphosate. Take the time to register and read!

5. Roundup also is a broad spectrum chelator which binds minerals in a way that makes them unusable by the body, despite the fact that they are technically “detectable” as present in the crops, which allows the industry to say “nutrients” are present without having to say that they are rendered useless to the body! Other problems are also being linked to Roundup and other glyphosate-based pesticides: Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. This is just a sample to show how all is not all rosy and wonderful with pesticides! The assertion that organic production uses more toxic stuff than conventional is a straight-up LIE. It is impossible to imagine how anyone in science or the chemical industry could maintain their self-respect while saying that it’s not. However, they do, in the face of over 30 years worth of mounting evidence to the contrary. The Rodale Institute itself reports AFTER a 30-year side-by-side comparison of conventional and organic “that organic systems match, or even outperform, conventional systems in terms of yield, profitability, and energy efficiency, while having positive effects on soil health, water quality, and rural communities.”

6. It may be true that SOME conventional foods are not so loaded with pesticides, but unless you really know what to choose, you can get yourself a major toxic load quite easily! Consumer Reports has a great article and video that shows how toxic conventional foods are and which you can safely eat after cleaning and which you should choose organic.

It’s best to truly do your homework/research on the subject of conventional vs. organic and not rely on skewed studies that are funded by the food or chemical industry with the intention of making themselves look good (and most often this is indirectly through educational institutions). If you are like me, your body is a clear indicator of whether or not the food you’ve ingested is organic or not within a very short amount of time! This was a fairly long read, but well worth the effort and reading time!


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